"O livro de como se fazem as cores": medieval colours for practitioners

The ‘Libro de komo se fazen as kores das tintas todas’ is divided into three main parts: Introduction, Chapters and Appendices.

This new critical edition brings to the 21st century laboratory, the science and the technology used to produce the colour paints for medieval illuminations.


Introduction | Introdução


Chapter 1 Making and tempering mosaic gold

Chapter 8 Making and tempering brazil

Chapter 9 Making brazil. Making another rose colour

Chapter 10 Making red lead from lead white

Chapter 11 Making verdigris (from copper

Chapter 13 Making carmine (lac)

Chapter 15 Making vermilion

Chapter 27 Making and tempering another brazil

Chapter 40 Making glue from parchment

Chapter 44 Making and tempering another brazil


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