Forum for the Conservation of Stained Glass Windows

Corpus Vitrearum

Forum for the Conservation of Stained Glass



26th‐28th September 2011


The next Forum for the Conservation of Stained‐Glass Windows will take place in Lisbon from 26th‐28th September 2011. The Forum is being held under the auspices of the Portuguese Committee of the Corpus Vitrearum and the International Committee of the Corpus Vitrearum for the Conservation of Stained Glass.

20th and early 21st century stained glass presents particular technical features that are related to changing aesthetics. New technology and materials also represent a great challenge to conservators and conservation scientists. These aspects have not yet been the object of systematic reflection in spite of some important contributions. The next forum intends to propose an overall approach to this subject and motivate related discussion. Art historical issues are central to the desired theoretical and methodological debate to be engaged in this forum as well as an integrated vision of artistic production in the considered period. Workshops are a specific aspect of contemporary stained glass heritage which deserve particular attention.

The conference dates were chosen in order to enable participants to attend the 16th Triennial Meeting of ICOM‐CC which will also be held in Lisbon from 19 to 23 September 2011.

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