Sara Babo

Professora Auxiliar
Lab. 045, Ed. Departamental


Sara Babo is a conservator-restorer specialized in the conservation of paintings and modern materials. She holds a PhD in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, specialization in Conservation Science (2021), and has a strong professional experience in conservation practice. At DCR she is responsible for teaching the Conservation and Restoration of Paintings curricular units. Her main research interests and related with the characterization and conservation of modern materials used in artworks.

Publicações Representativas

A survey of acrylic sheet in Portuguese art collections. Conservar Património, 39 (2022): 61–70

Characterization and Long-Term Stability of Historical PMMA: Impact of Additives and Acrylic Sheet Industrial Production Processes. Polymers, 12 10 (2020): 2198

A new substance under the sun. How synthetic polymers were selected and transformed into works of art by Ângelo de Sousa, Julião Sarmento and Lourdes Castro. Science and Art: The Contemporary Painted Surface. Royal Society of Chemistry (2020): 225-248.

Projetos Financiados

PlasCO2 - Green CO2 Technologies for the Cleaning of Plastics in Museums and Heritage Collections (2018-2021). PI: Joana Lia Ferreira