Joana Lia Ferreira

Professora Auxiliar (c/Nomeação definitiva)
1.26 - Piso 1 Ed. Departamental


Joana Lia Ferreira holds a PhD in Conservation Science (2011) and is Assistant Professor at the Department of Conservation and Restoration from NOVA School of Science and Technology. She is engaged with the preservation of the Estate of the Portuguese leading artist Ângelo de Sousa (1938-2011), which includes painting, sculpture, drawing, photography and film, his library, and archives. JL Ferreira is the PI of three funded projects, ‘Plastic Paints in Art: the impact of manufacturing processes on their long-term stability’, ‘PlasCO2 - Green CO2 technologies for the cleaning of plastics in museums and heritage collections'’, and ‘HERIT-AGES. Plastic and Glass ‘Ages’ for whom? Exploring new avenues for valuing and preserving heritage for the future’. The study of technology and its impact on the preservation of contemporary art, and the conservation policies involved in collections management, are her main research interests.


Coordenadora do Mestrado em Conservação e Restauro

Publicações Representativas

Reproduction and Testing of Display Options for the Slide-Based Artwork Slides de Cavalete (1978–1979) by Ângelo de Sousa: An Experimental Study. Heritage 4 (2021): 260-267

Characterization and Long-Term Stability of Historical PMMA: Impact of Additives and Acrylic Sheet Industrial Production Processes. Polymers 12 10 (2020): 2198

Early aqueous dispersions paints: Portuguese artists' use of poly(vinyl acetate) 1960s-1990s. Studies in Conservation 2013;58:211-225

Projetos Financiados

PlasCO2 - Green CO2 Technologies for the Cleaning of Plastics in Museums and Heritage Collections (2018-2021). PI: Joana Lia Ferreira


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