Maria Filomena Macedo Dinis

Professora Associada
Nº 4 - Hangar III


M.F. Macedo holds a PhD in Environmental Sciences and Engineering (2002) with a Post-Doctorate in Preventive Conservation developed in Canadian Conservation Institute. She is currently Assistant Professor in the Department of Conservation and Restoration (DCR) where she teaches the curricular units of "Biology in Conservation and Restoration" and "Preventive Conservation" (FCT-UNL). From 2003 to nowadays her research and development activities have been essentially related to the problematic of collections preventive conservation, with an emphasis on risk analysis models. Simultaneously, she also developed her research on biodeterioration of cultural heritage. She supervised or co-supervised a total of 36 post graduated Theses: 6 PhD Theses, 19 Master Theses (and 1 ongoing) and 11 Bachelor Theses (5 years degree, before Bologna agreement). She is also the author of a total of 108 publications of which 52 articles are published in peer-reviewed International Journals listed in JCR and 36 publications in peer-reviewed International Conferences. She was the PI of 3 projects. Accordingly to Scopus, accessed at 9/1/2020, M.F. Macedo has “h-index” of 19. She was the Department's ERASMUS coordinator from 2011 to 2017, she has been the Department's representative in the Pedagogical Council since 2011. She is also a member of the Department's Council.


Publicações Representativas

Main adhesives used in paper preservation and restoration: chemical stability and fungi bioreceptivity. Journal of Cultural Heritage, (2018).

Stains versus colourants produced by fungi colonising paper cultural heritage: A review. Journal of Cultural Heritage, (2018).

Biodiversity of cyanobacteria and algae on monuments in the Mediterranean Basin: an overview. Microbiology 155 (2009): 3476 – 3490.

Projetos Financiados

Innovative methodology to clean fungal stains from paper documents and artworks (CleanART). PI: Filomena Macedo.


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