Seminário CORES | Relation between the chemical and physical conditions and the fibre morphology at microscopic level of parchment | René Larsen | 10 Out 2018

Qua, 2018-10-10 14:15 - 17:00
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Sala de Reuniões DCR



René Larsen is a Professional Bookbinder, with a Master of Science in Conservation and a PhD in Biochemistry; he was a former teacher/researcher, Head and Rector of the School of Conservation, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation – KADK. At present, he is an Emeritus Associate Professor at School of Conservation/KADK; and Head of the Board of Bevaring Sjælland – Videncenter for bevaring af kulturarven (Conservation Zealand- Knowledge Center for the preservation of the cultural heritage). Among other activities he is a co-founder and former Chairman of the Board of the European Network for Conservation – Restoration Education “ENCoRE” and Scientific Coordinator of four European Framework research projects.

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